Can’t beat apple soda #yaaasss #biggasoda #nyamins

Happy Birthday Coco Chanel!

Hoe is a genderless noun.


That’s I BEEN sayin! Whenever Rick and I tweet about hoes, we always get someone talkin bout “it’s derogatory for women when you blah blah blah” when we said nothing about women, we talkin bout hoes!!! Men OR women, if you a hoe, then it applies!


This is the first time i’m actually alright and even happy with having my natural hair, as long as ppl keep they hands far away

Haaaaaaaaaaay 🙋 This pic is about one week old and it’s kinda blurry, but I still wanna be a party of the party, so please accept me as I am. Haha! ☺️

New specs 👓😎#derekcardigan #coastalcontacts
Let me take a selfie 📱#myluv🐞#punkywunky